Youth Together currently operates direct services at two high schools:

  • Castlemont High School, Oakland
  • Skyline High School, Oakland

Youth Together currently works with youth leaders from four high schools:

  • Castlemont High School, Oakland
  • McClymonds High School, Oakland
  • Skyline High School, Oakland

Youth Together currently hosts parent leadership workshops every first Monday of the month and host supportive workshops every third Thursday of every month.

Site Organizers support a co-hort of young leaders known as Lead Student Organizers and specifically focus on academic mentoring and leadership development. Together, SO and LSO co-lead community events i.e. Unity Day/Week and Ethnic Studies Conference and co-plan and facilitate CORE team meetings throughout the year.

Parent Organizers support a co-hort of parent leaders known as the Lead Parent Organizers, like the LSO and CORE team model, they organize once a month meetings focused on Education Issues (1st Monday of the month) and Supportive & Wellness (3rd Thursday’s of the month) workshops.

Castlemont High School, which was reconsolidated in 2012, is one of the lowest performing schools in the district. Nestled deeply in East Oakland, Castlemont is a historic institution serving almost exclusively young African American and Latino American students from the surrounding community. Due to gentrification, Castlemont and the surrounding area have seen a lot of push out, with some students traveling miles to come to school each day.

YT serves almost 50% of the Castlemont student population, the majority of whom are low income. Castlemont also houses one of the few newcomer programs in the district, supporting around 250 students who are new to the country to acclimate and succeed in our educational system.

Skyline High School though generally regarded as one of the highest achieving comprehensive high school in Oakland, struggles compared to high achieving schools across the state.

Skyline has over 1,700 students. High in the hills of East Oakland, Skyline now serves a diverse group of students, many of whom live in the flatlands and would generally go to Fremont or Castlemont. Skyline also houses one of our One Land One People youth centers, which serves hundreds of students every year. In 2016-17, YT served 64% of the Skyline student population in after-school program and worked with OUSD and Peralta to host a college Ethnic Studies course for 40+ in Fall 2017.