Youth Together Sites

Youth Together currently operates at three high schools:

  • Castlemont High School, Oakland
  • Skyline High School, Oakland
  • Richmond High school, Richmond

Youth Together is currently on hiatus at Fremont High School in Oakland pending funding.

Site organizers conduct workshops at each site during the year, lead campaign related school wide events as well as recruit students to partake in trainings, retreats and actions.   Each site has a core team of 15-30 students who participate in workshops and school wide activities.


Castlemont Community of Small Schools was divided into three small schools in 2004.

  • Castlemont Leadership Preparatory
  • Castlemont Business and Information Technology School
  • East Oakland School of the Arts.

Combined these three small schools served over 1,200 students. In 2012 Castlemont Community of Small Schools was re-consolidated into one comprehensive high school.


Richmond High School is one of six comprehensive four-year public high schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD). As an urban high school, RHS reflects the social diversity of the community.

Richmond High School accepts students from across the district. Youth Together is passionate about creating a student-centered organization where staff and parents are committed to ensuring the opportunities for the academic and social success of all students.


Skyline High School though generally regarded as the highest achieving comprehensive high school in Oakland, struggles compared to high achieving schools across the state.
Skyline has over 2,100 students.

Formerly Fremont Senior High School, the campus of the Fremont Federation of High Schools hosted four small autonomous high schools in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, California.

These four schools shared a Library, Health Clinic, P.E. facilities, Unity Center, Auditorium and Cafeteria. They also shared a common goal: to provide a supportive and challenging educational environment which encourages and enables students to achieve their academic and career objectives.
Combined these four small schools served over 1,400 students.

In 2012 the Fremont Federation of High Schools were re-consolidated into one comprehensive high school.