When I got the news that LCFF [Local Control Funding Formula] had passed at the state level, it gave me the feeling of achievement.  It felt like all we had worked for finally paid off.   But in reality, this isn’t the end, it’s barely the beginning.

This is the beginning of what we have worked for.  Now that we passed it, we have to work on how the money gets distributed, which is why we went to Sacramento to the Board of Education meeting on July 10th.  It felt powerful being one of the only teens there. I believe we should keep going up to Sacramento because if we want them to include the students, parents, and the community in the decision making then we should show them that we are interested and that we are really pumped about LCFF.

I feel like if we focus on what the next goal is and work as hard as we did to get to here we can accomplish many more things.  As to next steps, we need to continue to pressure them so they include us in the decision making because we are the ones getting impacted.  When the other adults spoke, the people running the meeting didn’t really pay attention.  But when I went up there to give my thoughts, I felt like they were listening very well.  I saw eye contact being made and like they were feeling what I was saying.  Overall it was a great trip, very productive and we need more!

— Julio Rangel

Sophomore, Skyline High School

Youth Together Lead Student Organizer


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