We’re Hiring!


Youth Together, Inc., is now hiring! We are looking for dedicated individuals with a passion for social justice and youth work for two important positions at one of our sites. Firstly, we are searching for a Site Coordinator, who would work on site to help maintain and expand the on campus Youth Center. Secondly, we are looking for Academic Mentors to help tutor, mentor, and support students on campus. Lastly, we are looking for a skilled Development Manager to become a part of our dynamic family here at YT. 

For more information, check out the positions: 

Academic Mentor Job Description.pdf (41 downloads) – CHS Academic Mentor

CHS Site Coordinator Job Description.pdf (41 downloads) – CHS Site Coordinator

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Eric Adams at eadams@youthtogether.net 

Development Manager Job Description.pdf (24 downloads) – YT Development Manager

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Cat Brooks at Cat@youthtogether.net 

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