Unity Day

Unity Day is one of Youth Together’s staple annual events. Hosted and planned every year by our very own youth leaders and community partners, Unity Day brings together youth, community members, teachers, and other school staff to create deeper community understanding and connection. Unity Day was created in 2001 as a response to racial tensions building on the Castlemont and Skyline High School campuses. During that time, students from different ethnic groups were dealing with extreme inter-community tension, which lead to fights, and even riots. Youth Together staff came to both sites to lead circles and workshops around the cycle of violence, ethnic studies, and organizing, which lead to students calling for programs that created unity and cultural understanding. To this end, Unity Day still works to bring students from different backgrounds and perspectives together to build solidarity within classrooms, and to promote peace within our community. 


Unity Day is a site-wide event that brings organizers, artists, and community members into the classroom to teach students about issues and skills that will help to support their development, and foster critical thinking. Unity Day uses a popular education model to partner with teachers in the classroom, and pair them with an educational presenter that they feel would benefit their class depending on their subject or interests. During lunch, we host events where we highlight student and community performers, and always engage students with food. 

Unity Day takes place in the beginning of the year as a way to bring students together early in the school year. Learn about the most recent Unity Day HERE.

If you are interested in engaging in one of our Unity Day’s as a presenter, performer, or volunteer, please make sure to reach out to Meesh Cabal; meesh@youthtogether.net