Political Education

The Political Education Department serves as a bridge between Youth Together and the outside world. We coordinate a fee-for-service curriculum and facilitation that focuses on Leadership, Educational Justice, Ethnic Studies and Violence Prevention. We offer our services on an ongoing basis that can be added to your already existing youth programming. We have worked in After-school Programs, Summer Programs and served as regular presenters in classrooms. We also offer our services on a one time basis at the request of Bay Area high schools and youth programs. If you would like to have a Youth Together staff member or Student Leader come to your school, community center or establishment please feel free to contact us.

One Time Workshops

Because we believe in community and building movements, and understand that not all budgets are the same, our workshops are offered on a sliding fee scale based of off organization budget.

Organizational budget of $1-$100,000……. $75
Organizational budget of $100,0000- $500,000 ….. $115
Organizational budget of $500.000-and up——– $150

Ongoing Programs/ Afterschool Programs

Youth Together is also available to come into your afterschool or youth program and run leadership, organizing, and/or ethnic studies training for your youth on an ongoing basis. Each program is individually designed based on organizational needs and the development of your youth. Ongoing programs can be a minimum of 4 sessions and can be Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

4 session package ….. $400
6 sessions ……. $550
8 sessions…. $680

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