Parent Workshops

Parent Engagement Summary 2016 to 2017

In Youth Together we believe that it takes a village to raise a child and parents play a huge role in their child’s success. Since 2009, our Parent Liaison/Organizer has supported thousands of parents and youth. We have refined our strategy and currently support parents with a summer bridge program, ten annual parent workshops, ten annual parent leadership development community workshops, and maintain our role to support ELL parents and students. Below is the following summary of services from last academic school year. 

Titan Parent Summer Program (July 2016):

  • Provided 4 workshop sessions (Once a week) for parents
  • Goal: 25 parent participants, ended the program with 40 parent participants

Monthly Workshops (August 2016-May 2017):

  • Conducted monthly workshops on family concerns, and educational … (10 total)
  • Goal: 20 parents, ended the program with 42 unduplicated parents

Attendance Interventions

  • Held 20 attendance interventions to prevent the SART Evaluations

SART Evaluation for ELL Families (August 2016-May 2016)

  • All student participants received Academic Performance Contracts
  • Goal: 50 SART, ended the program with 82 unduplicated families, 50% completed program, 30% improved attendance

Campus Walks (August 2016-May 2017)

  • Encouraged student parents to walk around Skyline’s campus once a week to increase the presence of parents on the campus, increase the parent-teacher conference/interactions, …students in the classrooms and more communication between administration and parents.
  • Goal: open, ended with 65 unduplicated parents walking through Skyline High School

Daily Support (August 2016- May 2017)

  • Assisted parents, teachers, students and administrations with various request/tasks
  • Set-up parent-teacher conference
  • Provided translation services in the LEP meetings
  • Make route phone calls to parents
  • Connected families with community services/resources (I.e. Legal services, health clinics, etc.)
  • Conducted conflict mediations