Parents meeting

Parent Summer Program

     Every year thousands of excited and anxious students begin their journey as a 9th grader entering high school. At the same time parents often get lost with the overload of information, the switch from small to bigger campuses, and learning to deal with teenage life. Since 2013, Youth Together’s Parent Organizer, Guadalupe Gomez has worked effortlessly to collaborate with community agencies, organize interested parents and execute logistics because parents play a major role in supporting their child to succeed.

    In July 2017, Youth Together in partnership with Oakland Unified School District’s Meaningful Family Engagement office conducted four workshops that included multicultural openings, cultural exchanges, ice-breakers, group activities, and interactive and informative workshops that impacted 55 parents including 13 new comers students. The following were topics covered during the parent summer bridge program:

· High School Graduation Requirements
       Report Cards
       Course Credits
       Overview of Transcripts
A-G Requirements
       · Effective Tools for Parent-Teacher Conferences
       · Attendance and Behavior Contracts
       · Navigating ABI Portals
       · Comprehension of School Site Council, LCAP, and SELL’s
       · Navigating School Site and District
       · Developing Strong Relationships with Child and Teachers