Family Resources

Parent Engagement & Support

At Youth Together, we believe that parents are an integral part of a students’ educational experience. In a rapidly changing world, many of our students are learning through language and ability barriers, and are struggling to find opportunities to engage with their parents around what and how they’re learning. That’s why we believe in making sure that parents on the campuses we serve have access to a wide array of support services and opportunities; to make sure that they can be the best support for their student possible. We understand that parents are often overburdened with work and other responsibilities, so we strive to create stress-free and engaging environments that allow for parents to meet, be seen, and feel supported.

All programs offered to our parents are free of charge, and open to all participants!

Graduates from our Parent Fellowship Academy

The Youth Together Parent Academy is a year-long parent empowerment program that is centered on addressing issues such as substance abuse, violence prevention, and maintaining safe schools through monthly workshops, both in the morning and afternoon. The Parent Academy also focuses on teaching parents the tools they need to navigate within the educational system to both develop their own advocacy skills, and most importantly, to be advocates and leaders in their children’s educational progress and journey. The Fellowship focuses on giving parents an opportunity to build their advocacy skills through direct organizing and support from our Lead Parent Organizer, Lupe Gomez, as well as having parents be advocates and supports for other parents. 

Parents at a Monthly PM Workshop

Translation & SART Support

In our commitment to creating opportunities for families and students to be supported in their most difficult times, we strive to offer SART and Translation support to those who may need the service. Through the SART process, we support English and Spanish speaking families towards resources geared towards the student, and create opportunities for the parents and students to have a critical dialogue around what kind of support students really need to be successful at their sites.

If you’re interested in becoming a Parent Fellow, learning more about the SART process, or looking for Spanish translation services should make sure to reach out to our Parent Liaison, Guadalupe Gomez at

The Feed the People Food Pantry

The Feed The People Food Pantry is an open resource to all students, parents, and community members. A collaborative project with the Alameda County Food Bank, the Food Pantry serves as a one-stop-shop for students during the day looking for snacks and other foods and serves more than 100 students a day. The Food Pantry was started after data from our 2017-2018 Listening Campaign results showed that more than half of the students surveyed weren’t eating during school hours. Now 2 years old, the food pantry is a staple resource for many students on campus, serving not only snacks but warm foods as well.

Any students or families who are interested in the service are strongly encouraged to come in for an intake with our Director of Programs, Danielle Armstrong, at

YT’s Feed the People Food Pantry

Parent & Community Culture Walks

Parents speaking with ACLU members.

Our PCC Walks are open to all parents and community members who are interested in helping to maintain a positive school climate at Skyline High School through volunteering & engagement. We take parents and community members on campus tours to heighten awareness of issues affecting students on campus, opportunities for parents to partner & learn about their students’ teachers, and to encourage students’ attendance and mood through positive engagement. We strive to bring both parents and community members to the table as observes, so that they are better able to understand, empathize with, and support students in making positive change on and off their school campuses. Culture Walks happen every third Tuesday of the month at Skyline High School, and are lead by our Parent Liaison, Guadalupe Gomez.