Parent Organizing

Youth Together believes in the possibility of all community members, and recognizes that parents are direct stakeholders and allies in the quest for educational equity. 


For the last decade, Youth Together has partnered with parents to fight for educational equity in our schools. We engage parents in learning grassroots organizing skills, as well as learning about the different systems and resources in their students’ education, so that they can be empowered to act as advocates for their children. 

Spearheaded by our veteran organizer Guadalupe Gomez, our parent organizing component works closely with parents to help them understand how to best address issues their child may be facing, whether it be with attendance interventions, Spanish language translations, or just general advocacy support. 

We also operate a fellowship for parent organizers, the Youth Together Parent Academy, where we offer monthly workshops aimed at teaching parents grassroots organizing and advocacy skills, as well as weekly group check ins focused on creating a strong and supportive community of organizers. 


Parents speaking with ACLU members.

Last Updated: Oct. 18, 2018