Lead Student Organizer Internship

Lead Student Organizers, youth, & community members at the YT Beginning of the Year BBQ

The Lead Student Organizer Internship is one of Youth Together’s oldest programs, having grown and changed over the past two decades. The Lead Student Organizer (LSO) Internship is centered on the praxis of community engagement, grassroots organizing, and youth development. LSOs work throughout the school year on initiatives that raise student voice, build student power, and give youth opportunities that are hard or impossible to access currently in their communities. Historically, this has looked like creating and institutionalizing programs, getting legislation, ordinances, and other significant institutional changes passed, as well as forming and facilitating spaces for movement building and action.

Lead Student Organizers have been behind a plethora of changes in and around the bay area, and continue to work in collaboration with students, adult allies, and partner organizations to fight for educational equity, peace, and justice.

Each of our LSOs comes from one of our three current sites: McClymonds High School, Castlemont High School, and Skyline High School.

Our internship applications for the 2019 – 2020 LSO Internship are now OPEN! You can download an application below! Please make sure to fill out an application and send it in to eadams@youthtogether.net and meesh@youthtogether.net

Meet our 2018 – 2019 Lead Student Organizing Team!

  • Hennessy Jimenez, 10th grade – Alliance Builder
  • Stephanie Avitia, 10th grade – Promoter of Publicity
  • America Cadena, 10th grade – Promoter of Education
  • Indonesia Remmen, 10th Grade – Mobilizer
  • Summer Meiguez, 10th grade – Promoter of Publicity
  • Sariah Hill, 10th grade – Alliance Builder
  • Aniyah Kirkpatrick, 11th grade – Mobilizer
  • Avelina Rizzo-Weber, 11th grade – Promoter of Education
  • Carlita Landrum, 11th grade – Mobilizer
  • Alana Landrum, 10th grade – Alliance Builder
  • Elijah Weller, 10th grade – Promoter of Publicity