During Youth Together’s founding years a key solution that young people identified as critical to reducing school violence and creating positive school climate was culturally relevant, youth-centered, holistic spaces on campus.

Young people envisioned these spaces as more then just places to work on homework. They envisioned integrated and transformative spaces that would support the whole student, spaces that recognized and acknowledged young people as more then just students.

The vision of the Youth Centers was about creating opportunities for personal and professional growth and development, building cross-cultural alliances, and giving young people knowledge of their choices and resources to be successful in whatever path they choose for themselves.

What emerged from the student’s advocacy and vision was the creation and actualization of the One Land One People (OLOP) Youth Center/Collaborative model. The first OLOP Center was launched in 2000 at Skyline High School, followed at Fremont in 2004, and at Youth Empowerment School in 2007. Youth Together student leaders also helped create community youth centers like Youth Uprising in East Oakland and the RYSE Center in Richmond, CA.

2016/17 Athletic Study Group 

Youth Center Mission Statement

“Where schools often are unable to support all students, Skyline High School One Land One People Youth center exists to create a caring community in which all students have equal opportunities to develop their personal visions. Through community collaboration and in partnership between youth and adult allies, the OLOP Youth Center provides services and engages in advocacy efforts so that students may improve their physical and mental health, as well as strengthen their academic, social and leadership skills. The Skyline High School OLOP Youth Center is committed to and promotes an environment that fosters peace, unity, and justice and strengthens student voices. Students will empower each other to improve their school.”

Program Summary 2016/17

1 in every 2 students participated in after school program through Youth Together’s One Land One People Skyline High School Youth Center for 2016-2017 academic year. Through 21st Century funds, Youth Together open access to the library and school gym in the morning from 7:00AM to 8:05AM and provided academic, enrichment, cultural, college and career programs for almost 1200 students from 3:05PM – 6:00PM Monday through Friday. A portion of the funds also supported once a month parent workshop (10 workshops per year) that educated parents on A-G requirements, site base and district decision making process, and even self-wellness.