October 26, 2014 ::Youth Designed and Facilitated School Board Candidate Forum in Richmond::


“150 students, parents, residents, and community organization representatives joined in leading the last of West Contra Costa Unified school district’s (WCCUSD) school board candidates’ forums.

The forum was designed and run by students with the backing of six community organizations. Healthy Richmond, Youth Enrichment strategies (YES), The Latina Center, The Ryse Center, Youth Together, and Contra Costa Interfaith Sponsoring Community Organization (CISCO) supported the event with staffing, press management, and questions for the prospective school board members.”

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January 15th , 2014 :: Youth Together Rally In Sacramento to Hold Districts Accountable::: Click on Photo for Full Length Article.


“I think we need to tighten up the flexible provisions [in the law], because when they talk about flexibility, it creates an out for some school districts that might want to use that money for other things,” said [Delores] Huerta who was also at the State Capital in solidarity with many students, parents and community members advocating for fiscal accountability. Click here for full length article.

Youth Together Students Say:  Quit Funding Our Demise and Invest on Our Education!!!

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YT Videos

Akua Jackson, Executive Director, on Bay Sunday in April 2012

Youth Together profiled in Temescal Associates Beyond Expectations Video
Beyond Expectations





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