F.R.E.S.H. Program

What is FRESH?

Freshman Retaining and Expanding Scholarly Habits (FRESH) aims to close the transitioning gap between middle and high school to establish a successful freshman year, where students obtain C’s or higher in their core classes. 

FRESH meets after school every Tuesday (3:15PM – 4:30PM), Wednesday (1:40PM – 3PM), Thursday (3:15PM – 4:30PM). Students are required to attend programming EVERY DAY. The FRESH Program serves students at our Skyline High School site. 

What’re the BENEFITS of joining FRESH?

Students engage in math and English enrichment activities twice a week, which helps them to catch up to and even exceed their peers. They attend study hall to complete assignments once a week, helping make sure that students are current with homework. Each students is also assigned an upperclassmen academic mentor to offer them peer-to-peer support outside of the classroom setting. Lastly, students will gain college exposure through one of the many college tours that we take throughout the year, as well as guest college student speakers. 

How to apply: 

First, students should come to the Youth Center (Portable O) to grab an enrollment application. After they complete and return the application to the FRESH Coordinator, they will be notified of their application acceptance and offered an interview. Students who interview are accepted based on program capacity.; if the program is at capacity, students may be placed on a waitlist.