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Youth Together isn’t just a program. It’s a community! And like any community, we need the support of our members to make sure that we can continue doing work we do, and to continue bringing young people and adults together to make local & large scale change. 

As a community-centered non-profit, Youth Together relies on the support of corporate and individual contributors. Your contribution truly makes a difference by guaranteeing continued support and supplies directly to the students and program organizers who lead Youth Together’s gains in educational and racial justice. Through donating, you are continuing the ongoing battle to create a safer, more supportive, more just educational system in Oakland, and the US. 

Donations can be made by clicking the link above, in the form of checks, money orders, OR in-kind products or services. And, contributions to Youth Together are tax-deductible! #winning

On behalf of the students, staff, and board of directors, we thank you for your generous donations and support!

Checks and money orders should be made payable to:

Youth Together
1714 Franklin St. # 100-153
Oakland, CA 94612-3409


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