Theory of Change

Youth Together’s Theory of Change operates from the belief that youth empowerment must include individual transformation, community building and youth leadership to change inadequate school and community conditions. Toward this end Youth Together’s area of impact include: Individual Transformation – Critical Thinking and Student Leadership – Youth Together address the life conditions and immediate needs of youth and builds the self-esteem, skills and cultural understanding of youth organizers.

Team building for Student Power – Consciousness Raising and Political Engagement – Youth Together youth organizers develop positive relationships with young people across racial and ethnic lines, school walls, neighborhood turfs and city borders. Diverse youth organizers participate in leadership development through community organizing.

Challenging Institutions – Outside, Inside Organizing – Youth Together works with community partners and the school districts to shift the balance of power and position allies in key decision making position.

Building Power – Shifting Climate, Policy Change – Youth Together builds a community base of support in schools to understand and advocate for young people’s needs. In addition, Youth Together works with a broad range of organizations and institutions to build the capacity of adults to be allies to young people.

Transformation of our Social Context  –  Dismantle Oppression –  Youth Together’s ultimate goal is to transform the school systems and transform inadequate school and community conditions to ensure every young person has the opportunities to thrive.