Youth Together Lead Student Organizer Statement on TA – March 2nd, 2019

Dear Oakland Teachers, Students, Parents, and Community Members,

As Youth Together student organizers, we stand in solidarity with youth organizers from Oakland Kids First and AYPAL, as well as with OUSD nurses, counselors, and countless teachers in opposition to the proposed Tentative Agreement. As of March 1st, OEA and OUSD have developed a tentative agreement to address the strike’s 4 demands: more student support, a living wage, smaller class sizes, and no school closures. OEA members have 24 hours from when the agreement was released to cast their vote to approve this agreement. As students, we feel that this agreement does not satisfy the needs of all the members of our community that will be affected by your vote, such as RJ practitioners, nurses, counselors, etc, and ultimately, the students you work with. We urge all OEA members to connect their decision to the original four demands that spurred the strike. The teacher’s may receive a salary increase of 11% over 4 years, but there were key community needs that were not addressed in the agreement. With the agreement as it stands there will still be school closures, unclear additional nurse support, and minimal changes to class sizes. We’ve all worked too hard to settle on this agreement that doesn’t fully satisfy the majority of demands that we have all asked for, and our students will continue to be the most negatively impacted. We understand that this strike is tough work, but to do all this work and settle for less than what we deserve as a community invalidates everything that we’ve done.

This agreement continues to hurt those who will be most affected, and we, as Youth Together students, are disappointed in this offer. We hope we have given you the opportunity to think critically on how you’re decision will affect us as students and the community members not represented in this agreement.


Youth Togethers Lead Student Organizers