Everybody Needs To Eat: Supporting Our Families and Teachers through Food Distribution

Youth Together, as an organization founded in peace, unity, and justice, believes that our physical wellbeing is not only political, but an integral part of the movement for equity, sustainability, and justice.

Students and families in Oakland, especially those in East and West Oakland, live in food deserts. For decades, access to healthy fruits and vegetables has been a herculean struggle that has left many of our community members unhealthy and sick. Many of our students only eat meals at school- if they eat at all. With the impending teacher strikes, and the encouragement for students not to cross the picket line, now more than ever Youth Together believes that we need to be partnering with organizations and institutions that can best support the community.

YT Administrative Assistant Nancy Phan coordinating the Weekly Food Box Distribution to our parent participants

Youth Together, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, and the Alameda County Community Food Bank are planning to partner to further provide fresh produce and other critical food resources to parents, students, and teachers who are struggling to feed themselves in the Oakland area during the possible strike. We are looking to partner with students and teachers during the strike to make sure that our young people and their educators are fed physically, so that they can continue to fight for equity during action. Although sites are still being verified, we hope to have a complete listing of locations where we will be distributing food. We have tentatively identified the ACCE Office and the One Land One People Youth Center as possible locations. For families who are currently struggling, we encourage you to come and visit our Feed The People Food Pantry at the One Land One People Youth Center at Skyline High School, which serves primarily students and parents connected to Skyline, but is open to all students & families.

YT Parent Academy participants after their February meeting

Youth Together will also be helping to coordinate Freedom Schools in District 7, in collaboration with OEA and other organizations, and will be organizing a central space for Freedom Schools to pick up their food for distribution. Check out the flyer below for info on distribution locations in District 7!

For any questions, make sure to reach out to the YT Administrative Assistant, Nancy Phan, at Nphan@youthtogether.net, or our Director of Programs, Danielle Armstrong, at darmstrong@youthtogether.net.