Unity Day 2018 @ Skyline High School

(pictured: Skyline Lead Student Organizers) 
OAKLAND, CA.,: On November 28th, 2018, Youth Together, in collaboration with the Skyline Community, presented our second Unity Day of 2018. Despite the rain, Youth Together was still able to host 20 workshops from 8 organizations, have 160 + Students attend our Lunch Event in the Auditorium, & PUMP UP THE VOLUME on different community issues, youth experiences, & the FUN for our students and staff. By all accounts, Unity Day 2018 at Skyline was a HUGE success! 
Unity Day every year hopes to emphasize the power of youth engagement, community education, & building community; and how we can incorporate these values through out the school year for our young folks. 
 (Pictured: Joel, from Black Organizing Project)
For this Unity Day, our workshops centered on ways that we could support students in gaining organizing and personal development skills, or a critical analysis or understanding of a situation or topic. We had workshops on topics from Gender & Sexuality, to Know Your Rights for students, presented across 7 classrooms around campus. 
During the lunchtime event in the Auditorium, we were able to have 160+ students see performances from students like Alana Landrum, a Lead Student Organizer & 9th Grader here at Skyline, who sang the MOST AMAZING rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”, and from adult allies like Gabriel Cortez, from Youth Speaks, who shared a deeply personal and moving spoken word piece. We also had 2 rounds of Tug-Of-War, one between students & teachers, and one that was a free-for-all! After all performances and activities were done, we had students exit into the Foyer to participate in a white board photo activity, called, “Tell Us How You Really Feel”, where students responded to questions about how they experience their school community, and what they think could make it better, and took a photo with the white board. After students stopped by to do their photos, they were able to grab some swag from one of the tabling organizations, as well as some pizza. 
(Pictured: Skyline Lunchtime Event in the Auditorium)
See more photos from the day in this slideshow!