UNITY DAY 2018 | Pump Up the Volume: Power in Youth Voice

Grounded in our commitment to peace, unity, and justice, Youth Together is proud to present our 2018 Unity Day! 

Unity Day is an annual event put on by Youth Together that started as a day to address racial tension and violence on high school campuses in Oakland back in 2001. Unity Days are way for our community to come together and arm our students with knowledge & tools they need to fight for our collective liberation. This year’s theme for Unity Day is “Pump Up the Volume: Power in Youth Voice.”  We build YOUTH POWER through agitating, educating, and mobilizing youth to address inequities they see in their homes, schools, & communities. Whether it is encouraging students to be civically engaged & registering to vote, providing space to learn about different cultures, or educating them on their rights as students, Youth Together hopes to empower young people to PUMP UP THE VOLUME & use their voice, knowledge, resources & community all as tools to create positive school & community change.

Community Organizations that have signed up:

  • Presenters:
  • – Lead Student Organizers
  • – Youth Together Staff
  • – AYPAL
  • – API Legal Outreach
  • – Black Organizing Project
  • – Black Alliance for Just Immigration
  • – Oakland Rising
  • – Teens on Target
  • – & MORE!



If you’re interested in getting involved, or would like to talk about the possibility of bringing Unity Day to YOUR school site, make sure to reach out to Meesh Cabal at meesh@youthtogether.net!