Our Sweet 16 Campaign Continues…

Individuals have been the largest supporters in their giving for many years and non-profit organizations continue to depend on their donations when planning their fundraising goals.


Of the many reasons we have for you to support Youth Together, here are just a few highlights of this year’s accomplishments:

  1. This year our students have demonstrated their political acumen by organizing two rallies and direct actions toward our targets.
  2. All of our graduating seniors are college bound!!!!! More money would enable us to have our own scholarships to provide our youth with an opportunity to acquire additional resources for their academic pursuits.
  3. Nine of our LSO’s have become proficient at public speaking and community engagement. In total, they have educated over 200 of their peers about issues regarding education finance, sexism, globalization, local control funding formula, prop 13 and hip-hop’s impact on youth culture by way of in-class workshops.
  4. Youth Together students and staff have been very influential in the conversation about a new funding formula. Over 3 years ago our students identified that funding was the most crucial issue in education and then identified the funding formula as an opportunity to create a more just and equitable system. Currently there are 3 different bills in Sacramento that address this issue – 1 in the Governor’s office as well as 1 in the Senate and the Assembly.  This is as a result of OUR students!!
  5. For the past 3 years we have worked with various organizations across the state and they have partnered with us to adopt this issue as their campaign issue as well. We have also visited Sacramento and talked to legislatures and convinced them that this is the time to address the need for equity.

Please consider a donation today.  Your generosity and support is deeply appreciated.


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