Youth Center holds Town Hall Event

On February 21st, Youth Together – a non-profit organization that works with youth to make a just and equitable educational system – hosted an event after school in the Skyline Youth Center titled Fight Educational Deficit Disorder.

The event was centered around gaining student and teacher awareness about Jerry Browns Local Control Funding Formula proposal that would specifically provide funding to California schools with students living in low-income homes, English Language Learners, and foster youth. This proposal would supplement educational categorical funding by providing school districts with the opportunity to choose where that money would go.

A group of students apart of Youth Together performed in the event, starting off with a choreographed skit.

In the comedy sketch, Skyline freshman Julio Rangel and Alfredo Lira found that their classroom did not have enough books. They went around Skyline High in search of someone who can help them. However, the two boys run into trouble by campus security, role played by Skyline senior Vito Jimenez, after getting lured in the bathroom to play dice with kids of bad influence.

As the security was taking the boys away, the Local Control Funding Formula superhero, role played by Skyline senior Ericka Mao, steps into the scene and breaks up the situation while dancing to All Gold Everything by rapper Trinidad James.

The LCFF superhero told the boys and the security guard that she would be able to stop educational adversities by giving more money to them for books, a reinstallation of counselors, and overall better resources to help them succeed.

Skyline junior Cherry Huynh, who is an intern for the Asian Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership program, spoke on how Skyline needs more money to provide students with resources that they really need.

“We don’t have materials most of the time, our books are kind of run down…most students are left behind in their education because there’s no funding,” she said.

Skyline English teacher James Moore, who participated in the event, said he thinks the Local Control Funding Formula proposal would be good to pass, especially because of past legislation from the Bush administration that have handicapped economically challenged schools.

“George Bush pushed the No Child Left Behind Act, and some things were very good about it in terms that it measures all schools on the same standards, but it also pointed out the inequities in education that I think were allowed to exist forever and nothing had been done about it,” he said.
Currently, the local and state legislatures are debating about the language of the 400 page proposal and whether it should be put into action.

Lead Student Organizer

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