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YT doesn’t better lives, it creates new ones. It doesn’t better you in the path that you are on, it gives you a whole new path to walk, ~Edwin Gomez, Skyline YT 2010 (currently One Land One People Skyline Afterschool Program Assistant)

YT alumni are youth workers who are running youth programs and centers. They are artists and performers, telling our community’s stories through music and spoken word. In their time as YT members, these young people have used their power to create phenomenal youth centers, win ethnic studies classes at their schools, and change school district policies around nutrition and school discipline. Reflecting on our concrete victories, our community, stakeholders and supporters are inspired when they think about where we are headed next as an organization. In our SIXTEEN YEARS of building towards just and equitable school communities, we have worked with over 3000 students to exercise their voice and power in making changes in their lives, their schools and within school districts. Who would have thought SIXTEEN YEARS ago that the Oakland Unified School District would broaden their strategic thinking and expand their goals to include building a “full-service community school district that serves the whole child, eliminates inequity and provides each child with an excellent teacher, every day.”

SIXTEEN YEARS of advocacy and organizing by Youth Together students helped get the district to this place. Currently, YT students are working for a more deeper impact with respect to school reform that extends to the state level with a focus of having public school funding in California adequate and equitable. Our students dare to dream that our state’s public education system can and will serve the needs of all students and afford them every opportunity to realize their wildest aspirations.

Be a part of sustaining the next generation of youth leaders by joining our SWEET SIXTEEN today. This giving campaign is a call out to 116 of our closest friends and supporters to celebrate Youth Together’s SIXTEEN YEARS of peace, unity and justice. The SWEET SIXTEEN is your opportunity to be a part of our students realizing their dream of a quality public education for all. Your donation of $16 a month enables the organization to grow into more classrooms, to bring more community allies onto our campuses through our Unity Days and youth leadership programming at our four Bay Area High School sites. This giving campaign will also allow us to run model on-campus youth centers and collaboratives, engage our youth leaders and adult allies in advocating for change in Sacramento and ensures that the true experts on education continue to push to be included in the state’s decision-making about public education.

We encourage you to support this SWEET SIXTEEN giving campaign by clicking to start your recurring monthly gift of $16. 

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