OLOP’s 1st year back at the Castle

The 2011-12 school has marked the return of the One Land One People Collaborative and Unity Center’s
to the Castlemont Campus. After a few years of decreased capacity, this year has brought the regrowth
of an important part of the Castlemont Campus. The Unity Center is still the only space dedicated to
students that nurtures young people’s leadership and works to supports their daily needs. This year
we have been able to keep the space staffed for almost all of the school day and after school, creating
an open, welcoming, and safe space for all peoples. We have worked hard to create an environment
where various organizations who share our mission and vision can connect with students and work to
support the whole person. The OLOP collaborative has also seen a rebirth this year, creating an ongoing
space where organizations that work with students at Castlemont can work together, plan together
and be strategic in how resources are being used on the campus. Together, through the work of the
collaborative and the Unity Center, we have been able to institutionalize a 1 ST Friday lunchtime event
that lets students connect to needed programs and creates a venue for students to both perform and
engage with community performances. This year we have been able to produce a Brochure of all the
services at Castlemont that can be used as a template for years to come to inform students and families
as well as school staff of what supports are available on the campus. Overall, laying the foundation has
been the overarching accomplishment for the year.

The Youth Action Team (YAT), the student leadership body for both the center and the collaborative,
although in startup mode this year, is poised to come into the 2012-13 school year with a bang. Mostly
made up of soon to be 10th graders, YAT has been using this year to get grounded in the principles of
Peace, Unity and Justice, and learning the skills to plan events, convene workshops and guide the center
and collaborative not on behalf of the rest of the student body, but with the rest of the students. This
upcoming year, YAT at Castlemont will be taking a larger role in leading OLOP’s events and activities and
working with other organizations on the campus, supportive administration and school staff to push
to ensure that Castlemont is serving the needs and priorities of the community to the fullest extent
possible. 2012-13 is looking like the year that Castlemont YAT/OLOP will really start to shine.

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