Youth Empowerment School is Closing it’s Doors

With the massive budget cuts coming from Sacramento, schools likes Youth Empowerment School (YES) are becoming the front line of the ongoing war on public education. Due in large part to the de-funding of public education in CA and around the country, at the end of the 2011 school year YES will be closed. As the writing of this update, students have yet to get the news. Knowing the numerous ways in which many students in OUSD and similar district are undervalued, under appreciated and under-resourced, it’s likely this news will be both devastating and at the same time not suppressing. While major corporations in California continue to rack in significant profits, young people and their families are forced to deal with a shuffle that could potentially be devastating to folks who are already struggling with years of abuse in an institution that purports to care about young people. YES staff, administration and the Youth Together OLOP Youth Center/Collaborative are stepping up to support students and families in dealing with this major transition. As long we allow the state of California continue to de-prioritize investing in young people and their families, it’s likely that what is happening to YES will continue to happen to other schools, students and families. Education is a Human Right. Organize to make it a reality for all.



Youth Together – One Land One People
Youth Center & Collaborative Director
Youth Empowerment School
(510) 645-9209 ext. 302 – Youth Together
(510) 569-7042 – Fax

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