10th Annual Ethnic Studies Conferences

Our 10th Annual Ethnic Studies Conference is taking place March 16th, 2011. The vision of the conference is to promote and introduce high school students to Ethnic Studies and higher education, while also introducing them to student organizing and grounding them in their own leadership. We would love to work with you on coordinating a trip to this amazing conference with a group of your students.

This year’s conference will be on Wednesday March 16th, 2011 at the University of California, Berkeley. Over the past ten years, the Ethnic Studies Conference has attracted over 10,000 students. We are excited to collaborate with Youth Together and other organizations with the shared belief in strengthening our community’s education and the lives of individuals as we introduce students to critical thinking toward their diverse histories and current global issues. This conference is also a great opportunity for many young people of color to be introduced to higher education, explore a college campus and receive information on college-related resources.

We are asking high school youth, community organizations and teachers to organize their own field trip to the conference and join students from across the Bay Area and Northern CA to learn about their histories and cultures through diverse perspectives. The conference’s main focus is to build solidarity between people of color and to learn from each other’s struggles. The conference also works to spark interest among students so they can further develop their activism and understand Ethnic Studies as a field of study

For More information please contact Aurora Castellanos at metwestaurorac@gmail.com

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