Defend Public Education March 4th

March 4th Education Protest copy

Youth Together Stands in Solidarity with the Statewide Mobilization In Defense of  Public Education

Youth Together is committed to addressing the root causes of education inequities that lead youth of color into prison, dead-end jobs, and poverty.  Public education has been the hope and tool that thousands of families have used to break the chains of poverty and the cycles of violence that exist in our communities.

California’s children and youth of color are being forced to carry the greater burden of the state’s economic problems

California ranks 47th in education in per-pupil spending in K-12 education.
•    The defunding of public education in California is putting the state’s future in jeopardy by denying the knowledge and skills required for viable economic option for today’s youth, tomorrow’s workers.
•    Inequitable distribution of resources across the state has led to substandard education in working class, communities of color. With more budget cuts, this inequity will continue grow.

Higher education fees have been raised by 32%.
•    The increase in tuition is creating an unjust burden on families seeking a better future and job opportunities.
•    Students of Color are already a minority in the University of California system. Higher fees means that fewer students of color will afford to access a UC education.

Youth Together believes that Quality Education is a Basic Human Right that determines individual and community well-being.  We will participate in teach-ins and mobilizations in the SF East Bat that seek the preservation of this right.

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