Summer Program, Say What?!


IMG_4425This July 2013, Youth Together held its annual Summer Program for high school students at UC Berkeley’s Multi-Cultural Center.

While the bay area offers various opportunities for Youth to get involved during the summer, Youth Together’s month-long program is a unique one because it allows the students to gain a deeper knowledge of different cultures, connect with the history of political organizing and resistance in the Bay Area and gain tools to fight for Justice in their schools and our communities. They do all of this while also having fun, forming close bonds with other students and creating a support system that they can trust and turn to during the school year as they go back to facing the day-to-day struggles that our students in inner-city schools face.

This year was no different. Students participated in activities and workshops where they experienced a full range of emotions whilst developing skills that will prepare them to be productive and independent. I am confident that with these skills, our students have a higher chance of growing into open minded, tolerant, confident and capable young adults.

In a time when the world needs a generation of leaders who understand the intricacies of living in diverse communities of color that are facing many socio-economic struggles,  this year’s summer program students have graduated with a commitment to succeed academically, think critically and work to create positive social change. I am looking forward to see what they bring to our campuses this school year.

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